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The digital solution 100% integrated for the management of agricultural farms Simple, intuitive and easy to use Consistent, uniform and correlated information about farm processes

Who needs INOVAGRIA?

  • Small, medium, large and very large farms
  • Farms that manage virtually any crop (large crop, fruit growing, viticulture, etc.)
  • Farmers, for the efficient management of the farm
  • Banks, for managing the loan portfolio
  • Insurance companies, as a support in defining insurance products
  • Distributors of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Agricultural associations


  • Weather application
  • Subsidies for the livestock sector
  • Crop Subsidies
  • Leases
  • Agricultural Work
  • Maps
  • Animal Register
  • Farmland
  • Fertilization
  • Crop Rotation
  • Regulations


INOVAGRIA is the only software product 100% integrated on the local market, which effectively works for farmers and responds to their biggest problems by:
  • Simulation of the submission of the single subsidy application to APIA, both for the plant and livestock sector
  • Download from the IPA online the maps related to the application submitted to APIA in the previous campaign
  • Possibility to update maps with agricultural land submitted at the last subsidy application
  • Submission of updated maps for the current campaign in the online IPA from APIA
  • Management of leases and related payments
  • Management of regulations, technological sheets of culture
  • Planning and monitoring the performance of agricultural works on the farm
  • Monitoring equipment and reducing fuel consumption
  • Measuring crop efficiency
  • Crop rotation
  • Fertilization plan

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