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The software solution developed by the SIVTEC team for the Agency for Payments and Intervention for Agriculture (APIA) has 7 basic components, consisting in turn of 12 main modules:

1. Farmers registration system - the component with the most centralized database of the organization with information on farmers and areas in support applications

2. Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) - The main component of management and control of payments to farmers, in accordance with the Common European Policy, consists of 5 modules:

  • Administrative Control Module
  • Field Control module, covering the functionalities related to the classic field control and respectively by remote sensing
  • Payment Calculation Module
  • Payment Authorization Module

3. Land Parcels Identification System (LPIS) - ensures the visualization and maintenance of the physical blocks (a physical block means the reference plot)

4. Management system for Market Regulation (MR) - system for trade in cereals, wine, poultry and eggs, pork, sugar, grain intervention system

5. Management system for rural development (RD - Rural Development) - payments for areas with natural handicaps; agri-environment payments

6. The financial accounting system - the component from the integrated package SIVECO Applications ensures the processing of the financial-accounting activities from APIA: the management of all the specific documents from all the county offices and the headquarters; managing EU funds managed through IACS; reporting to the EU; own financial-accounting accounts; statutory reporting both to the EU and to Romania.

7. SIVADOC Document Management System - e document management component, bringing significant advantages to APIA compared to the traditional paper-based document system.


The integrated computer systems of APIA and IACS allow:
  • Records of farmers, farms and agricultural holdings
  • Taking over applications for subsidies from farmers, and any applicants for area payment subsidies
  • Carrying out both administrative and field controls
  • Calculation and authorization of payments on the farm, including quality control and audit activities
  • Effective execution of payments to farmers
  • Payment accounting - standard accounting procedures based on income and expenditure accounts
  • Evidence of geographical and alphanumeric data on areas declared by farmers
  • Printing maps for farmers, both on the physical block and on the farmer
  • Management of foreign trade schemes - trade licenses, refunds, calculation and issuance of guarantees, development of the set of reports trade licenses - import-export
  • Management of intervention schemes for procurement, public storage, private storage and sale, as well as the development of changes in the functionality of sales auctions
  • Implementation of milk subsidy schemes in schools under intervention measures for milk and dairy products
  • Management and follow - up of payments from national schemes for financial support
  • Management of advances and guarantees
  • Management and tracking of debts resulting from payments on national schemes
  • Management and tracking of payments in European schemes

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