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The IT system for the Agency for the Financing of Rural Investments has the following components:

1. Online submission:

  • online submission of funding applications accompanied by project documents, for evaluation by users in regional centers and county offices
  • online submission of applications for withdrawal of funding application, online submission of appeals
  • online submission of rescheduling statements and payment claims

2. Reference Products Database (BDPR) online provides access to information to applicants for European funds, while simplifying the procurement procedure. Thus, the elements found in this database will be able to be purchased by private PNDR beneficiaries, directly, without having to go through any other procurement procedure.

3. Procurement of private beneficiaries – the component ensures the submission by the private beneficiaries of the invitations to participate, of the offers, as well as the endorsement of the procurement files by AFIR experts.

4. Procurement of public beneficiaries - ensure the submission by public beneficiaries of procurement programs for the project, procurement files, as well as their endorsement by AFIR experts.

5. Rural Development Application Processing System (SPCDR) includes the following modules:

  • Submission - Evaluation of funding applications
  • Project selection
  • Resolving appeals when evaluating funding applications
  • Signing the Financing Agreement
  • Modification of the Financing Agreement
  • Private purchases
  • Payment Authorization
  • Debt recovery
  • Reference Price Database

6. Mobile application for the field visit - allows the AFIR experts to take pictures from the implementation locations of the projects financed by AFIR and to transfer them to the Document Management System, in the project folders.

7. The Registry ensures the record of document inflows / outflows / transfers at AFIR level.

8. The Accounting of Payments from European Funds ensures the registration of the supply of the accounts from which the payments to the beneficiaries will be made, as well as the elaboration of the payment orders.

9. The Financial-Accounting System of AFIR ensures the processing and the record of the financial-accounting activity within the county offices, the regional centers and the headquarters of AFIR.


  • registration of funding applications in the AFIR computer system and their evaluation
  • checking the eligibility and selection criteria of the submitted projects
  • sending the proposal for the field visit and drawing up the reports following the field visit
  • compilation of evaluation reports, selection and evaluation appeals, their transmission on stream to the Managing Authority for approval and publication on the AFIR website
  • notification of applicants on the status of the application submitted
  • settlement of appeals filed by applicants
  • drawing up and signing financing contracts / decisions
  • drawing up and signing notes amending contracts / financing decisions, as well as additional documents
  • submission and verification of procurement files submitted by private and public beneficiaries
  • submission of payment rescheduling statements as well as payment claims files
  • drawing up orders, payment certificates and payment orders to the beneficiaries
  • recording in the accounts the payments made
  • setting up debts and recovering them
  • reports to the European Commission

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