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The Day Laborer Management software solution

The Day Laborer Management software solution is a high-performance IT tool for identifying and centralizing all day laborer management, registration and payment activities.

Day Laborer Management has 3 basic components:

  1. Desktop Mode (POS): Input / Output / Weighing / Local Reports
  2. Web Mode: Administration / Reports / Payments
  3. Mobile Module: Supervision / Local Reports

Basically, the Day Laborer Management system is a computer support for real-time collection of input, output and weighing information related to resources like gatherer day laborer and auxiliary day laborer, information that is centralized and used to calculate payments and generate activity reports.

At the same time, the system incorporates a mobile component with specific functions for supervising day laborers, accessible to users depending on the role they play (display of recorded day laborers logs, history, typology change, adding observations, manual closing of day laborers).

The Day Laborer Management allows the efficient and simplified management of specific, seasonal activities:

  • Registration and management of the personnel involved (day laborers);
  • Monitoring the activities of day laborers and their efficiency;
  • Real-time monitoring of activities and decision-making accordingly;
  • Payment of day laborers according to the activities carried out and their timekeeping;
  • Unitary vision of the Management on the activities carried out through the reporting tools;
  • Support for reporting to state bodies;
  • Easy and fast installation of integrated equipment for increased mobility in the field.

1. Desktop Mode (POS): Input / Output / Weighing / Local Reports

The "thick client" solution, the Desktop component allows to work online or offline, with or without connection to the central server. Data synchronization will be performed on demand / scheduled if there is a connection to the centralized database.

Each workstation can be used as an entry, exit or weighing station. The Desktop solution will allow you to connect your equipment via Serial or USB adapters to a central connection HUB.

The structure of the application aims to cover a complete flow for the management of information related to day laborers and their activity, from registration to the end of the working day:

  • Day laborer Registration (Post Entry / Registration) - allows automatic registration of day laborers (Supervisor, Auxiliary, Picker) by scanning the identity card, associating an NFC card and listing specific forms.
  • Existing day laborer management - allows you to change the information related to a registered day laborer, to associate a new NFC card, to associate a day laborer registered on another day (manual registration) or to reprint the forms.
  • Post Weighing - allows the recording of weighing performed by a "gatherer" day laborer. Each weight will be associated with the card scanned by the day laborer.
  • Post Exit - the day laborer scans the NFC Card, records its output and generates the output form.
  • Administration menu - the configuration interface contains functionalities for workstation administration (image processing settings, provider and scan parameters, scale type)
  • Alerts / notifications - The application will display a series of notifications, blocking or informative, depending on the situations encountered (eg "Day laborer is minor", "Non-existent day laborer", "CI scan error", "Existing day laborer, maximum number of consecutive days work is outdated! ”, etc.)

2. Web Mode: Administration / Reports / Payments

The web component provides users with administration features (user definition, farms, plots and configuration of parameters and related constraints for all workstations, weighing supervision, payment management), payment of day laborers (depending on the information recorded in the system and set parameters) and reporting (quantities harvested, payments and production). The web component is accessible from any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) through any browser.

The web component is accessible from any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) through any browser.

3. Mobile Module: Supervision / Local Reports

The supervision module allows the supervisor to check the day laborers by scanning the NFC Card. Following the scan, the supervisor has access to the operations performed by the day laborer (inputs, outputs, weighing, other information), and depending on the role they play, they can operate various operations (eg change day laborer typology, add observations, manual closing working day of the day laborers).

The Day Laborer Supervision mobile component is developed natively for the Android system, and based on the internet connection it synchronizes with the central server.

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